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The Hub & Team

Stockholm Fintech Hub is a dedicated physical space for communication, collaboration, and cooperation that is tailored to the specific needs of fintech companies

The entire community including startups, financial institutions, regulators, educators, tech providers, investors and professional services companies are all core to our community. The hub is the center of gravity for collaboration within the fintech sector in Sweden and globally, with links to hubs around the world.

As we are a start-up ourselves, we are working hard to meet the demands of the fintech community and we expect that our concept and services will change over time as we continue to share ideas, experience and develop the community and the services that matter to it.

Our partners

Visa Nordea Handelsbanken PA Consulting Synch Invest Stockholm

Our team

Matthew Argent


Alexander Meads

Head of Partnerships

Mats Holmfeldt


Adam Strandberg

Head of Design

James Pearse

Head of Communications

Mikael Lindberg

Strategic Advisor

Anna Blyablina

Community Manager

Sofie Blakstad

Strategic Advisor

Cecilia Repinski