Sweden's independent physical space for the financial technology ecosystem

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What if fintech startups, regulators and banks could fika together every day?

Stockholm Fintech Hub is a dedicated physical space for communication, collaboration, and cooperation that is tailored to the specific needs of the fintech community.


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Vinnova Synch Invest Stockholm Nordic Tech List Global Fintech Hubs Federation Stockholm School of Economics

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IP Expo Nordic Finextra

What we're all about

Physical and digital community

If you are in fintech and in Sweden, you are eligible for membership. See how we can help your business. Engage with the community and join our Slack chat.


Need a desk for a day or a month? Or do you prefer a private office? Meet with like-minded fintech entrepreneurs and professionals, run meetings, and join our events.

Local and global network

Meet our Swedish startups, partners and investors. As a part of Global Fintech Hubs Federation, our members have access to the networks of partnered Hubs around the globe.

Help fintechs grow

We’re a wholly independent organization and act as a centre of gravity for the fintech ecosystem in Sweden. Whether you are a startup, bank, insurance company or investor, we have the connections you need.

Stockholm, the second largest fintech hub in Europe

Stockholm Fintech Hub's knowledge platform enables professional investors to intelligently source and match early stage Nordic fintech companies to their investment criteria without having to open a local office.

Strengthen the Swedish fintech community

We're a wholly independent organisation and our partnerships ensure we continue to develop the Swedish fintech ecosystem. In return, we stand ready to engage with you to achieve your goals. We have opportunities for branding, workshops, networking, partner innovation, and being a conduit for regulatory initiatives.